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Dame Un Besito Mural Artwork

Who is

Martin "BLASTER" Zubia

Blaster is a born and raised El Paso painter currently producing work in the Downtown Arts District of his hometown. He began exploring graffiti art in his early youth and has since embraced elements from the street in his craft. Attending the University of Texas at El Paso in his later years refined his methods and techniques, influencing his work and ultimately harnessing a hybrid style from both fine art and the streets.

Martin "Blaster" Zubia , Spray Paint Artist, Painter & Professional Muralist
Martin "Blaster" Zubia, Graffitti Artist, Painter, Muralist. Montana 94

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Blaster’s work combines realism with abstraction, combining them in a manner that makes them look and feel “real”. Impressions of street culture, graffiti, alcoholism, and overindulgence are just some of the many motifs used in his work. Three dimensional lettering, local iconic symbols, beer bottles and nostalgic images are among his favorite subjects he utilizes to stitch together works that relate and define his growing up in the city of El Paso. He continues to vigorously push the limits of aerosol paint while not limiting his work to one medium or theme.

Del Chuco
Estamos Agujerados
3D Roundabout
Dame un Besito Frogs

Blaster's Work


Blaster has painted countless walls in his hometown of El Paso, TX. He has also been a part of numerous works and collaborations that stretch from California to mid Texas, as well as Kentucky, Ohio, and Juarez, Chihuahua. Projects he has worked with have led him to paint in residential and local businesses, public walls, schools, gyms, corporate offices, municipal properties, and more. He has taught and shared his knowledge of spray paint with both emerging and established artists of El Paso and continues to help them learn and grow with aerosol paint. He has participated and shown work in various shows and galleries over the last decade and continues to challenge himself with his ambitious affinity for painting.

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